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When business owners want clarity and accountability

in their business they call Kolbe Systems

What Our Clients Have to Say About Kolbe Business Systems


“I am very pleased to be able to see our business in front of me, and more importantly to be able to measure it”

Tony Russell - Allclean Property Services Plus Group


“The Chamber has been operating for twelve years and during this time we have sourced the help of business consultants, however, none have provided the insight and structure that Evan’s intimate knowledge has given to us”

Charles D P Bellow - Local Chambers


“The major benefit will be that you have a clearer view of how your business actually runs.  We are already seeing benefits in terms of less time spent working and our business is running more profitability and efficiently than before”

Mike Burns - The Organisation Gardening Service

“Not only has this given our staff a more competitive spirit amongst the team, we also know what steps are required to remove ourselves from the business, whilst still maintaining a growing company”

Andrew Cardy - Kleenmaid


“With the plethora of consultants offering quick fixes in today’s market place it is refreshing to come across a business like yours with a product that can make such a profound difference in such a short amount of time and with just a little focused and concentrated effort”

Gary Wright - Wright Business Solutions



“I now have control over all aspects of the business.  The organisational flow chart has put the whole business into perspective.  It is an excellent tool for refining each individual component of the business”.

“Very excited at how quickly the business has gained momentum and is growing.  This has clearly happened by implementing the business strategies you have passed on to me”.

Marina Davidson - Red Door Designs


“I now know exactly what I want and how to achieve it”.  The work I have just done has absolutely enormous potential.  This is really powerful stuff!”

Di Farley - Employment Professionals


“It took us six weeks to complete and implement you program.  We thoroughly enjoyed it.  For the first time since beginning the business several years ago we can clearly see the business and all the activities that make it work.  The communication systems you have taught us have reduced our work hours and the level of interruption time down by at least 30%.  All the members of our team clearly understand their roles and how to perform them and are actively improving there statistics.  We are all enjoying the business more because there is less anxiety, busyness and confusion”.
“The knowledge you have imparted on us in just 6 weeks will be actively used for the rest of our lives”.

Mark & Ronni Hutchison - Bamboozle



“If you have read the E Myth and wondered where to from here, then you have found the answer with Kolbe Systems”

Gary Wright - Wright Business Solutions


“Before starting with this system, my wife complained that I haven’t been a husband or a father…now that I have finished this system she complains that I don’t work hard enough!"

Tony Russell - Allclean Property Services Plus Group



“Most consultants need to know about our business.  You taught us the principles”
John and Deb Payrits - Paramount Business Supplies


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